qual Business Park A is the first stage of a modern and functional office complex located at Wielicka Street in Krakow.

Building A was built on a polygonal plan, the longer side of which runs parallel to the main street. The facility consists of 6 floors above ground and an underground garage. The entrance ramp to the garage divides it into two segments – north and south. The way of developing the area around the building refers to traditional urban buildings. A representative entrance courtyard and arcades around commercial and service areas have been established on the ground floor.

Building users have access to comfortable A-class office space and numerous and diverse services present in the complex: a canteen, bookshop, kindergarten, beauty salon, cafe, shop and green areas enriched with small architecture and art.

The first three buildings of Equal Business Park were sold to the entity in June 2020.

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Tischnera Office is a 10-storey office building located at the crossroads of Księdza Józefa Tischnera and Zakopiańska streets, which offers over 33.6 thousand sqm of modern A-class office space. On the first floor, there are retail and service units: a canteen and a newsagent’s, as well as a medical facility equipped with a state-of-the-art MRI and CT scanner.

A great asset of Tischner Office is its elegant, glazed body, thanks to which the office building, despite its considerable size, is very light in its appearance. The building also provides tenants with access to green terraces in cascade arrangement. They occupy more than 1.6 thousand square meters. All users of the office building will benefit from high quality work space, but also find a moment of relaxation on the internal patio with an area of over 1,000 sqm. The courtyard has numerous green zones and small architecture. A pond and fountains provide relaxation in the summer. The patio can also successfully function as an event space and a place to integrate the local community of the building.

The project was sold to a third party in August 2022.

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Ocean Office Park is a multifunctional project emerging at the intersection of Klimeckiego and Nowohucka Streets, in Zabłocie, in Kraków.

The unusual architecture of the complex refers directly to the name of the project – Ocean Office Park – using the inspiration of the ocean. The facade of the first stage of the investment is made in “double skin” technology, which increases the thermal and acoustic comfort inside the facility and additionally enhances the visual value of the building. Overlapping layers of glass with a wavy cut line give the effect of lightness. The wave pattern above the main entrance is highlighted by specially designed lighting.

The 5-storey office building will provide tenants with nearly 12,000 sq m. comfortable class A office space and 202 parking spaces in underground garage. There is also parking spaces for bicycles and an extensive infrastructure for cyclists, including changing rooms and showers.

Ocean Office Park also uses the latest technological solutions. The building has the Integral system, a modern technological tool for office space management. It provides tenants with access to space plans, reception registration, conference room management and available parking spaces.

In August 2022, the Ocean Office Park A building was sold to an external entity.

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Diamentum Office is an A class office building constructed at ul. Robotnicza in Wroclaw.

The hallmark of the building is a unique facade with a crystalline structure, inspired by a diamond motif. Diamentum Office combines three functions: office, serviced office and service. The location of the office in the Wrocław Industrial Park ensures tenants of the building quick communication with the rest of the city and proximity to bicycle paths.

In 2019, the project was sold to an external entity.

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The Carbon Tower is an A-class office building that dominates the corner of Robotnicza and Fabryczna streets in the western business district of Wrocław.

It consists of two blocks – the lower 3-storey in the form of a cuboid, forming a new frontage of Fabryczna street and height tower (55 m) – reaching the 15th floor, designed on a triangle projection and integrated into the corner of the streets. For the sake of work comfort and space to regenerate the strength of building users, a green terrace was designed on the lower part of the building and is available directly from the office space. In addition, tenants of the facility no longer have to waste time and energy in meeting their daily needs due to the presence of numerous services around the office building and in the building itself, including the canteen and kindergarten.

The project was sold to a third party in August 2022.

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Quorum is 100 thousand square meters of multifunctional space for work, life and recreation. A complex of four buildings, with office and residential functions, located in the very center, on Sikorskiego Street in Wroclaw’s Szczepin.

On the first floor of the complex there are service premises on the eastern, northern and western sides. Terraces and green spaces accessible to all employees and residents have been designed on the podium of the entire complex and on the fourth floor level. Moreover, on the southern side of building D, on the opposite side of the street, there are public green areas and a promenade. The whole complex has about 1.5 thousand parking spaces.

On the highest, 35th floor there will be a viewing terrace. From the second highest building in Wroclaw you will also be able to admire the city panorama.

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Chmielna 89, an office building with a characteristic undercut shape resembling a crystal, is located in the business center of Warsaw at Chmielna Street. In close proximity to one of the main communication axes of the city – Jerozolimskie Avenues.

The 14-storey office building with a high standard of performance and finishing is over 25 thousand sq m high-class work space. Building users will benefit from the services available on the ground floor and numerous green terraces, gently “descending” in a cascade arrangement towards Chmielna Street.

The building was designed with the existing and planned development in this part of Warsaw in mind. Thanks to modern architectural solutions and lighting of the main facade, the office building is visible from afar and has the chance to become a showcase of this part of the capital.

65% of shares in the company implementing the project were sold to an external entity in September 2020.

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Cavatina Hall is a unique multifunctional building located at the intersection of Dworkowa and Sempołowska streets in Bielsko-Biała. It is the first building in the city to offer A-class office space.

The building in a unique way combines office and cultural functions. In addition to the office space, the facility will house a recording studio and concert hall designed to the highest acoustic standards. The 1,000-seat hall can also be successfully used for conferences and presentations. Combining these functions is a kind of response to the region’s needs. Bielsko-Biała is one of the most rapidly developing cities in Poland with a demand for high quality facilities, and at the same time it is a city which has so far lacked a large concert hall of any real standing.

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Palio Office Park A is the first stage of a functional office and service complex located at Jana z Kolna Street in Gdańsk. The complex of eight buildings will provide almost 90 thousand square metres of modern space on the area of Gdańsk Shipyard surrounded by the emerging new business and cultural center of the city.

In reference to the former shipyard urban layout, the original road system will be reconstructed – including Malarzy Street. The design of the buildings’ facades uses rust-coloured composite panels that resemble sheet metal and water mirrors that stretch almost the entire length of the facade. These are the most important elements of the complex, which create a unique bond with the historic buildings of the Gdansk Shipyard.

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Global Office Park located at the intersection of Mickiewicza and Dąbrówki streets in Katowice is the first multifunctional project implemented on such a large scale in Silesia.

The complex consists of 2 office towers and one residential tower set on a common 5-storey podium with numerous gastronomic, commercial and service premises. Office towers with 25 floors and 100 m in height will provide access to high-class work spaces. The residential building will offer 670 apartments of various sizes.

All building users will gain space to rest from work and the hustle and bustle of the city on the green terraces. Green and relaxation zones will occupy 2.3 thousand sq m area of the complex.

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Grundmanna Office Park was designed with human-centric values at its core. We strived to create a balanced work environment where people can be inspired by the city’s energy yet find areas to relax, calm and enjoy the restorative power of nature. Every detail in Grundmanna project was designed to minimise carbon footprint & bring more green spaces to the community.

Grundmanna offices will offer the perfect blend of efficiency and life balance. The prime location, its connection with the bustling city life, the abundance of green spaces and the engaging social spaces will bring Grundmanna diverse community together.

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The areas of WIMA Widzewska Manufaktura will soon regain their former splendor and receive new functions. A mixed-use project will be created here, offering offices, apartments for rent, commercial and service premises as well as open spaces for rest and recreation, including a gastronomic and cultural zone.

The revitalized 100-year-old park with a fountain will be a common meeting point for all users and guests, as well as the green heart of the investment. Modern A-class offices will find their place in the former “American” spinning mill (where cotton from the USA was processed), while the twisting and changing rooms will be adapted for housing purposes.

In the new concept of WIMA Widzewska Manufaktura, it was extremely important to create a modern, technologically advanced space for work, living and recreation with full respect for the historical heritage of this place. Therefore, the architectural design has preserved the elements of the former factory buildings, in particular the brick walls of the external walls and the original cast iron pillars in the planned office spaces and in the park. The aesthetics of the body of the office building in the part of the extension comes from the inspiration of the spinning thread system, which is not only an impressive visual treatment, but also a nod to the history and original function of this building.

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