Who we are

Cavatina Holding is one of the largest Polish real estate development groups

completed projects
more than 325,000 sq. ft.
sold projects
150 thousand sq. m,
For more than PLN 1.6 billion
More than 650
apartments under construction
3 projects
for 25 thousand PUM

The Group develops projects in the largest cities in Poland, particularly in Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Katowice. Since 2015, Cavatina Holding has built a position as one of the largest office developers in Poland.

The Group’s strategic goal is to develop dynamically in the residential market with apartments for sale directly to buyers and, thanks to this, also achieve the position of one of the leading residential developers in Poland.

The projects implemented by the Group are distinguished by their unique architecture, awarded in Polish and international competitions, and high-quality finishes. Cavatina Holding also places an emphasis on sustainable construction.

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The Group continues to develop selected office projects and to commercialize its portfolio. In addition, three residential projects with a total area of nearly 25,000 PUM are under construction, which will deliver more than 650 apartments to the market, and two more with a minimum of 47,000 PUM are in the pipeline.

The Group's strategic goal is to grow dynamically in the residential market for sale directly to buyers and thus also become one of the leading residential developers in Poland. The Group estimates the total potential of its residential portfolio at over 110 thousand PUM (about 2.5 thousand apartments), with sales potential exceeding PLN 2 billion.

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