Cavatina Holding Group's key strategic goal is to achieve a 1 million sqm GLA portfolio by the end of 2025, understood as the sum of completed developments, including those sold, ongoing and planned with land secured and design process initiated.
The Group plans to continue operating in the best locations of most major cities in Poland.
At the same time, Cavatina Holding Group wants to achieve the ability to pay high and regular dividends.

To achieve its strategic goals, the Group has identified eight key operational activities:

(i.e., from 20,000 to 100,000 sq.m. GLA), including those integrated into mixed-use developments, distinguished by unique architecture, above-average quality and design, located in major metropolitan areas, providing the highest margins through economies of scale and attractive valuations upon project sale.

Among other things, through:

  1. high selectivity in the site selection process;
  2. A systematic analysis of trends in the office construction market, particularly in terms of construction technology, architecture, design and expectations of the environmental friendliness of buildings. When designing buildings, the Group focuses in particular on such aspects as energy efficiency, the share of biologically active areas, water retention, and solutions for so-called “intelligent buildings”;
  3. optimizing the scale of each project to ensure the best possible technical, operational and financial performance, translating into the ability to offer competitive rental rates to future tenants on the one hand, and maximizing the value of the property on the other;
  4. ensuring the highest quality of execution of implemented projects, both in technological and technical aspects and aesthetics;
  5. above-average in the market involvement in the processes of arranging and finishing interiors on behalf of specific future tenants – to each future tenant the Group offers a certain range of “turnkey” finishes
  6. raising the substantive and relational qualifications of the Group’s employees responsible for cooperation with tenants.

Development and consolidation of the competencies of the Group’s own team of experts, allowing it to independently handle the entire investment process, particularly in the areas of engineering and architectural design, acting as general contractor, commercialization of space, and property management, translating into maximizing the Group’s total margin on each project.

in particular, subcontractors and suppliers of construction materials, among others, by:

  1. Adjusting contractual payment terms based on individual arrangements with individual partners allowing them to maintain an appropriate level of liquidity
  2. If necessary, after individual arrangements, shortening contractually agreed payment terms
  3. In the case of proven subcontractors, establishing long-term relationships by offering them cooperation on subsequent projects carried out by the Group.

in order to ensure the most favorable implementation parameters and minimize risks, in organizational, time and financial aspects, in particular through:

  1. Comprehensive absorption analyses preceding the acquisition of plots of land enabling a relatively precise determination of the possible scale of investment
  2. Extensive due diligence on acquired land plots aimed at minimizing legal and business risks associated with the investments under way
  3. Planning payments for land property for the time after the date of obtaining a building permit.

Adequate for the Group’s assumed rate of development, enabling optimum rates of return to be obtained while ensuring financial security, including by:

  1. allocating most of the profits generated to finance the Group’s operations,
  2. raising new equity capital, in particular by issuing shares,
  3. raising debt financing on the public market and debt financing in the form of loans, bonds and borrowings.

while maintaining the assumed minimum rates of return on investment, aiming at the most effective reinvestment of capital in the development of subsequent projects

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